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Mountains to the Sea in Oregon

Starting off up in the mountains near Mt. Hood and Hood River along the Columbia Gorge.

Next, heading to all the waterfalls in the gorge area. First up, Multnomah Falls.

Onward to Bridal Veil Falls...

...And then to Wahkeena Falls

After spending a few days up in the mountains, we headed back through Portland and on to the Oregon coast. Our first stop was the famous Cannon Beach.

After spending the sunset hours taking in the beautiful light at Cannon Beach, we headed down to Gleneden Beach where we'd be spending the rest of our trip exploring the Oregon coast.

Along the drive south, you'll go through Manzanita and get gorgeous views high up the mountain along the coast.

Neskowin is also a great place to take photos of the coastline and waves.

Also check out Twin Rocks.

Gleneden Beach itself has a large beach and is a great place to take night photos of the stars and Milky Way.

The night sky over the Pacific Ocean

Yachats was a great place to watch the monster waves coming in

Lastly, Yaquina Bay is home to a large seal population and great views of the coastline.

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